Examples of Student Work: WWII speech posters, Anne Frank Wall publicity posters & business cards, student interviews with grandparents for WWII speeches, the physical Anne Frank Wall, and What's next? (bookcrossing.com photo trails)
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This year's 5th period class displaying The Anne Frank Wall in early June 2004 Our 4th period class displays the Anne Frank Wall on a windy day in May 2004 (it's grown about 25 ft. as of late June) We gave these student-designed business cards to business people who travelled to encourage them to help build The Anne Frank Wall.
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Anne Frank Wall publicity poster for distribution to libraries, bookstores, and schools Anne Frank Wall publicity poster emailed to teachers- student-designed in MSWord for easy emailing and reproduction Students made this poster to display in a local library to as patrons for helping in building the global Anne Frank Wall
To publicize The Anne Frank Wall. Students created this bookmark for libraries to distribute to patrons Our newspaper, the Bronco Beat, wrote this article about the local Holocaust speakers
What's next?

Students use bookcrossing.com to release Anne Frank's diary "into the wild". Above left: the first release in Ashland, Oregon. Above right: the first email from a bookcrossing.com member--she's holding a 1959 English version in Malaysia!

Created by James DeLong and Jon Erickson


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