Elizabeth Seiden's Family Photos

This year Elizabeth Seiden, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, shared her family's experiences with our classes. After her presentation, she mentioned that she had some family photos of the people whose stories she had shared with our students. The survival of family photos is a rarity among Holocaust victims. In many cases, once the victims were taken from their towns and cities, their possessions were often stolen or destroyed by others. In Elizabeth''s family's cases, her grandparents' (see Esther and Josef's photos on page 1) fruit trees in their orchard were uprooted and replanted elsewhere and their house (see house photo on page 6) was ransacked. Fortunately a kind neighbor saved their dishes and some mementos. Below are four pages from the photo album. Click on the photos to view the individual photos on each page. To read a brief summary of her family's experiences, click here.

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