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The Turkish diary that a former student and her cousin found in Kusadasi, Turkey


A former student and her cousin hold a Turkish version of the diary in Kusadasi, Turkey


At the top of Van castle, in Van, Turkey, Andranik asked us Americans on tour if American students were taught that the Armenian genocide actually occured. He said he wanted to be a diplomat who "told the truth to the world" of such things. It took enormous courage for him to discuss this aloud when surrounded by Turkish people in Turkey. He is named after an Armenian patriot who gave his life protecting innocent unarmed Armenians from massacre by the Turks during the Armenian genocide early in the 20th century.

ATaken on Ahktamar Island on Lake Van presently in Turkey's possession.After almost a century of denial, is the present Turkish government apologizing at last for the murder of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians during the first genocide of the 20th century? Actually, the government is repairing the centuries of defacement of this Aremnian holy site, which reach as high as the human hand can reach on every wall.
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bluehouseistanbul.jpg This English version sits at the front corner of the Blue House Hotel in Istanbul. The famed Blue Mosque is in the background.
doydoyistanbul.jpg Taken at the DoyDoy restaurant in Istanbul, this English version , registered with bookcrossing.com was later released at the Blue House Hotel
nuriemreyuragrbluehouse.jpg A photo of Nuri Emre Yuragr holding the English version of the diary shortly before he released it at the Blue House Hotel, where he works.