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Joe & Rita Teesdale, proprietors Belmore House Bed & Breakfast near Jerpoint Church Thomastown, Ireland (English version) In the original kitchen of the Belmore House, a working farm and bed & breakfast inn. The house was built by a noble as a hunting lodge for his mistress. (English version) One of the trainees at the culinary school at the Berry Lodge Bed & Breakfast in Miltown-Malbay (English version) Rita Meade, proprietor of Berry Lodge Culinary School & Bed and Breakfast Inn Where taken: Berry Ldoge Miltown -Malbay (English version)

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Berry Lodge Bed & Breakfast Inn Dining Room Where taken: Miltown-Malbay, Ireland (English version)

replica of St. Patrick's cross (real version is in museum at right) at the Rock of Cashel (English version) the librarian took this picture of the library's copy in Kenmare (English version) Noreen McEvoy, proprietor Old Presbytery Bed & Breakfast in Kinsale (English version)