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Berndt "Buddy" Elias, Anne Frank's cousin and head of the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, Switzerland, holds Chinese and Hebrew translations. Behind him are copies of all of the over 70 translations of Anne Frank's diary. The Fonds oversees all translation activity

A student's parents & friends with a Dutch version of the diary at the Secret Annex (now The Anne Frank Museum) in Amsterdam

A student's mother with a Spanish version of the diary on the steps of a Mayan temple at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

A student's relatives hold an Indian translation in the Punjab area of India

A student's relative holds a Korean translation in fron to the Empress' Palace in Korea

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Click on the the different languages below to view pictures of people holding copies of Anne Frank's diary translated into that language. The languages in bold italicized text are active pages with pictures. The non-bold text are empty pages. That's where you come in, so send those pictures! To do so, go to the "Submit your photos" page and follow the directions. You can also email your photos directly to our teacher at
Afrikaans: Het Achterhuis : dagboekbrieven : 14 juni 1942-1 augustus 1944
Arabian: Yawmiyyat Anna
Armenian: Anna Franki oragire

Assamese: En phrankara dayeri (Assam is a federal state of India)
Bengali: Ayan phrankera dayari
Bulgarian: Zadnata kasta : dnevnikovi pisma, 14 juni 1942-1 avgust 1944
Burmese: Mon tha ka mhat tam
Catalan: Diari d'Anna Frank
Chinese: Shaonü riji
Croatian: Dnevenik Ane Frank
Czech: Denik Anne Frankové
Danish: Anne Frank's dagbog
Dutch: Het Achterhuis : dagboekbrieven 14 juni 1942-1 augustus 1944
English: The Diary of Anne Frank
Estonian: Anne Franki päevik, 12. VI 1942-1. VIII 1944
Finnish: Nuoren tytön päiväkirja
French: Journal de Anne Frank
Frisian: It Achterhûs : 14 juny 1942-1 augustus 1944 : deiboekbrieven
Georgian: Dgiuri : 12 ivnisi 1942-1 agvisto 1944
German: Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank : 12. Juni 1942-1. August 1944
Greek: To Hemerologio tes Annas
Greenlandic: Anne Frankip uvdlorsiutai
Hebrew: Yomanah sel narah : 14 beuyuni 1942-1 beavgust 1944
Hungarian: Anne Frank naplója
Icelandic: Dagbók Önnu Frank
Indonesian: Buku harian Anne
Italian: Diario
Japanese: Anne no nikki
Kazach: Tutkin qiz siri : Anna Frank kündeligi
Khmer (Cambodia): also, see the website of the Documentation Center of Cambodia:
Korean: Anne-ui ilgi
Latvian: Annas Frankas dienasgramata
Lithuanian: Ana Frank : dienorastis
Macedonian: Dnevnikot na Ana Frank
Mala-yalam: Or u penkitavinre dayarikkuripukkal (Spoken in Southwest India)
Nepalese: Ena phremkako daeri
Norwegian: Anne Franks dagbok
Persian: Katirat-i yak duktar-i gawan
Polish: Dziennik
Portuguese: O diário de Anne
Romanian: Jurnalul Annei Frank, 12 iunie 1942-1 august 1944
Russian: Ubè~zisce: dnevnik v pismach
Serbian: Dnevnik Ane Frank
Serbo-Croatian: Dnevnik Ane Frank, od 12 juna 1942-1 avgusta 1944
Slovakian: Denník Anny Frankovej, 12. júna 1942-1. augusta 1944
Slovenian: Dnevnik Ane
Spanish: Diario
Swedish: Anne Franks dagbok
Thai: Khan thyg khong Enn Frengk
Turkish: Anne Frank'in hâtira defteri
Ukrainian: Stodennyk
Vietnamese: Nhat Ky Cua Anne Frank
Welsh: Dyddiadur Anne
Yiddisch: Ana Franks togbukh : 12 juni 1942-1 oygust 1944

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