What is the Anne Frank Wall?
Most simply, the Anne Frank Wall is a collection of photos of people from all over the world holding a copy of her diary in one of the many languages it has been translated into.

I teach her diary* each year to 8th grade students in San Jose, CA. I wanted to find a simple, direct way to have the students discover how alive her spirit is today throughout the world. I gave them an assignment to get pictures of people holding a copy of her diary written in a language other than English. The 'wall' you see here of their pictures shows in a small way how powerfully her story lives on everywhere even after her tragic and senseless death.

Anne Frank wrote in her diary "I want to go on living, even after my death." In a single glance, this wall shows both the power of her teenage writing and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. By capturing her experiences in writing, Anne Frank realized her wish to "go on living" even after her death from typhus three weeks before the Allies liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Today, her diary is published in over 60 languages and read by millions around the world.

As you can see, many took pictures of themselves, their friends, and their family members holding her book. Many persuaded relatives living or traveling to other countries to pose with her book. Some even emailed total strangers such as bookstore owners and received emails back. This website is the students' and my attempt to build a global internet version of the wall by having people from all over the world submit their photos of her diary. Please help us build the global Anne Frank Wall.

Jim DeLong
8th Grade Language Arts
Bret Harte Middle School
San Jose, California

Click here to read student comments from reading the diary and seeing the Oscar-nominated documentary about present-day Palestinian and Jewish children called Promises (http://www.promisesproject.org/index.html)

*Click here to view Science teacher Hope Oliver's photos of translations taken at Anne Frank House, Amsterdam. (All photos courtesy of Anne Frank House, http://www.annefrank.org)

How can you help build a global version of the Anne Frank Wall?
Click on the "Submit your photos" button and fill out the brief information. Then email your photo to the address provided. We would also like to include comments from you on how you have been inspired by this experience. When we receive your photo, we will add it to the Anne Frank Wall you see on this website. Thank you for helping us build this testimony to the strength of the human spirit.

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More news about The Anne Frank Wall project:

  • Education World, an internet lesson plan portal, just chose our site to be the featured teacher site for October. Click here or on the icon to read the article about the award.
  • The San Jose Mercury News' columnist Leigh Weimers included our project in his column, complimenting our efforts and asking the community to help build the wall. Click here to read the column.
  • Former columnist Kimberli Brady of the Almaden Times wrote an excellent follow-up article recently on the project as well, detailing its progress and our partnering with bookcrossing.com. Click here to read it.

Recent bookcrossing.com Releases

  • Students and former students, teachers, friends and relatives have released books in Lebanon, Turkey, Trinidad, Peru, Ecuador (The Galapagos), Spain, Italy, Ireland, England, France, Chile, Mexico, Armenia, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, and Maine.
Statistics for the Anne Frank Wall:

42 Countries

32 Languages

Portuguese Chinese Croatian Vietnamese Swedish Iranian Czech
German Icelandic English French Indian Afrikaans* Polish
Korean Russian Italian Japanese Dutch Slovakian Turkish
Indonesian Danish Hebrew Greek Spanish Norwegian Hungarian
Bulgarian Estonian Finnish Khmer

China St. Thomas (Caribbean) Taiwan South Africa* Peru
Netherlands Costa Rica England Australia Tunisia
Germany Belgium Japan Russia USA (26 states)
Brazil Ireland Canada Austria Mexico
South Korea France Greenland Kenya Ecuador
Denmark Sweden Israel Italy Malaysia
Switzerland Greece India Argentina Norway
Turkey Dominican Republic Chile Armenia Cambodia
Vietnam Singapore

*The Afrikaans translation was photographed by a South African bookcrossing.com member

A note of thanks: This project is the result of years of effort from our classes of the past three years. We wouldn't be able to share this effort with the rest of the world if our students, parents, relatives and friends hadn't contributed the photos you see here. Many former students have volunteered their time after school and in the summer to help with this project--especially our webmaster, Bret Harte graduate Jon Erickson who taught us how to use Adobe Go Live and Photoshop.

Also, we could never have created this site with the financial support from National Semiconductor's Internet Innovator Grant. Their support of education is truly visionary. They recognize that corporate productivity should be measured not just in figures found in 10Qs and 10Ks, but in how a company's efforts really produce positive changes in people's lives.

And last, thanks for the volunteer efforts of recent graduates like Alex Tom who produced the graphic you see below!

Examples of photos:

Berndt "Buddy" Elias, Anne Frank's cousin and head of the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, Switzerland called this "a wonderful project". He holds diary versions in Iranian & Russian. One of the Fond's many functions is to oversee and approve all translations.
Help us release diaries "into the wild" through
We've been using bookcrossing.com to release Anne Frank's diary 'into the wild', asking those who find our copies to takes pictures of themselves with the book and submit them here so we can create a 'photo trail' of each book's journey. If you release a diary, please go to Submit your photos and send it to us.

Sayana Ser translated the diary into Cambodia' s Khmer language when, as a masters student in Holland, she discovered that others had experienced a genocide like Cambodia's under Pol Pot.

Former student Dave T. released this English version in St. Peterburg, Russia--our first photo from Russia and only the 2nd book released in Russia out of over 1.35 million books released by bookcrossing.com!!

Taken in Yerevan, Armenia at the Armenian Genocide Memorial. This English version was given to Anahit Gareginyan, a wonderful tour guide with Menua Tours to release "into the wild".

In Istanbul, Turkey, Nuri Emre Yuragr holds an English version oy shortly before he released it at the Blue House Hotel, where he works.

A local Holocaust survivor's daughter Elizabeth Seiden, shares her mother Kati's experiences with our classes. Unlike most survivors, her family somehow saved photos from before WWII. Click here to view them and read more.

Connie, a former student, released this English version in Florence, Italy where it was found and taken to the Netherlands (see next photo below).

Julie Thomas' 8th grade class from Lexington Jr. High in Lexington, Illinois sent us this photo.

Alinda Drogt found the English translation Connie released in Florence, Italy and brought it to the Anne Frank primary school in Maastricht, The Netherlands

A ninth grade class in Metar, Israel holds up translations in Hebrew of Anne Frank's diary .

Fernando Ortiz, head of the NGO Conservation International on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, releases an English translation "into the wild" at the famous Post Office Bay 'barrel' on Floreana Island in the Galapagos

A student's relative holds an English translation in Tunis, Tunisia.

Our first release in Kenya! Former student Matt Sobel hands a diary to a warrior in the Masai Mara

Click here to read the front page article in our local newspaper about The Anne Frank Wall!

In Los Andes, Chile, a Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo student on a summer mission holds an English version released at the local library.

Click on the Anne Frank in Context button to read lesson plans to help your classes create their own Anne Frank Wall project and learn about Anne Frank's life in the historical context of the Holocaust.

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